Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bahamas @The Bell House, Sept. 19th

Last night, hunkered down to The Bell House in Gowanus for some good tunes courtesy of Canadian sensation, Bahamas, the band of Afie Jurvanen.  I have to credit my friend Dave#4 for turning me onto this guy, whose sweetly languorous voice and clear guitar picking brings musicians like M. Ward and Bill Callahan (Smog) to my mind.

(More pics, words, and a setlist after the jump.)

Jurvanen, supported by two female backup singers and a drummer (who also covered the vibraphones), played songs off of his two albums, PInk Strat and Barchords, at one point to tease an audience member calling out an early request, saying that chances were good the request would be honored since he didn't have many releases.  Jurvanen proved quite humorous in between his songs, at one point apologizing for the future music that may result from the union of his fellow Canadians, Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback) and Avril Lavigne.

True to his promise, Bahamas wandered through most of their tunes, which sounded great live.  Despite my distaste for the sound the first time I visited this venue, The Bell House seems better suited for acts with a clear, warm sound, like the time I went a few months ago for Andrew Bird.  I loved hearing "Lost In The Light," "I Got You Babe," the pretty humorous "Hockey Teeth" (which he explained originally was meant to describe the most incredible kiss with a girl), and the crowd-rousing "Caught Me Thinkin'."

After the show, I decided to support this fine indie musician by buying his latest on vinyl.  To my delight, Jurvanen was there at the merch table himself, chatting with fans.  I managed to have him sign my copy.  =)

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Ooooo, signed vinyl. Very cool!