Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Animal Collective & Danny Perez @Guggenheim, March 4th

After a lonnnng day at work, I decided to check out the one-day show, Transverse Temporal Gyrus, at the Guggenheim. Not being wholly familiar with Animal Collective, I ran with it and bought a ticket to the highly anticipated show, figuring even if it sucked rocks, at least I'd be making a donation to one of my favorite places in this fine city of ours.

If I had to make a snap judgment based on the long line before getting in, I would have guessed the show was going to be annoying, with the dopey young smokers behind me, chatting about dropping acid, and this weird dude in front of me making didgeridoo-type noises with just his mouth. I ended up standing in line for about 35 minutes before entering, checked in my coat, and rode the elevator to the 6th floor for the gradual descent down the ramp.

(More words and pics, and a video after the jump.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shout Out Louds @Pianos, March 2nd

I found out yesterday afternoon that the wonderful little Swedish band Shout Out Louds were playing a free gig at Pianos in the Lower East Side, so I rallied up my concert ladies Shana and Julie to accompany me for this mid-week treat. The last time I ventured to this venue was for the Brooklyn Vegan CMJ Day Show back in October, which was also free, and free is always good. Plus, it had an announced 7pm start time, which was ideal for yours truly, since I got a gig that gets me up before dawn most days.

The three of us have loved the Shout Out Louds for more than a few years now. I remember them opening for The Dears at Bowery in 2005 and being impressed by their tight performance. They continue to have the same no nonsense pop rock style, perhaps a bit mellower with the new music they were promoting tonight, yet still containing that bopability that kept me bouncing. I liken them to a sincere, less sweaty Phoenix for they are Swedish after all. Lead singer Adam Olenius admitted feeling quiet due to the early start, which was just fine by us. All we needed to hear was the music being played, and seeing them wicked close made up for any lack of banter.

They pretty much stuck to a setlist of new songs, throwing in "Very Loud" from Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, which made us happy. Picture of the setlist is below. I do believe they left out "Moon."