Saturday, December 15, 2007

GZA @Knitting Factory, Dec. 14th

After the crap time I caught the Wu-Tang Clan at Randall's Island this past summer, I was eagerly anticipating tonight's show which promised the GZA/Genius and his seminal album, Liquid Swords. Accompanied by my kung fu brother Randy, founder and president of, we braved the packed crowd with young'uns as wee as fourteen (where the hell were his parents, I want to know). The crowd sang along as GZA dropped a seamless mix pulling from Liquid Swords as well as the Wu catalog and a tribute to ODB with Dreddy Kruger helping out.

As he stated in "Auto Bio," GZA "was born, with the mic in [his] hand" and for a solid hour, he demonstrated rather amazing verbal prowess. They don't call him Genius for nothing.

Check out this fun clip featuring GZA done by 88HipHop that Randy sent me here.