Monday, January 14, 2013

Morrissey @BAM, Jan. 11th

Shit, it was Friday night in Brooklyn, and none other than one of my all-time favorites, Morrissey, was performing that evening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music aka BAM, which is within walking distance of my apartment.  I had forgotten to look for tickets when the show went on sale a few months ago, so I was disappointed by my misstep, but I also had convinced myself that Moz had already taken enough of my money over the years, so no need to dump another $100 on a performer who always managed to come up short in terms of setlist length for me.  I believed that nothing could top my experience of seeing him at Webster Hall almost 4 year ago where I was up front.  Anyway, umbrella in tow on a drizzly night, I decided to stroll by the venue and see if I could score a last minute miracle.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Sufjan Stevens @Bowery Ballroom, Dec. 21st

(Sorry for the delay in getting this out -- the holidays and all that jazz.)

I had been feeling a slight malaise about the upcoming Christmas holiday.  I had yet to pick up gifts for anyone on my list (and boy, do I hate shopping), and visiting with family generally stresses me out.  Bestest Boy was working late on his movie, so I had to psych myself up for seeing Sufjan Stevens' "Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant On Ice" by lonesome.  Anyway, I think I wore him off Sufjan with all the holiday music play in the car, so perhaps it's best he didn't accompany me.

I got to the venue just before doors and managed to secure a spot front and center about two deep from the stage, which was COVERED with the tackiest and most colorful decorations.  There was a big spinning wheel on the side of the floor with about dozen holiday songs.  The floor filled rather quickly, and excitement was in the air.

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