Thursday, March 26, 2009

Morrissey @Webster Hall, March 25th

Dear God, no matter how many times I swear I will never spend another dime on this abominably frustrating man, he manages to draw me in like Circe with her siren's call. Tonight, Morrissey was utterly charming, and I have no regrets waiting in line for over five hours today to get closer to him. Absolutely none! (Okay, well, maybe the kick to the head I got at the end during the mad rush for the stage stunned me a little...)

Strangely enough, each time I've seen Moz, the venues have gotten progressively smaller (and he perhaps progressively larger *wink*) but hey, who's complaining? Although a few months ago I said this'll be my last Moz show, after
tonight's show, which was the closest I've gotten yet, I may have to reconsider.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. I'm seeing him at Foxwoods but I have sucky seats. Hope I can sneak closer though. (came over here through the Moz forums)