Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dog Voices @The Sea Shell, Aug. 19th

Okay, so this isn't a usual music blog entry, but it sort of is...

My best friend Christina is getting married soon, so this past weekend we headed down to the Jersey Shore for a 4 day bachelorette weekend. We stayed at this motel on the beach called the Sea Shell. Five girls crammed into a room, ready for a ton of fun. Our view from our balcony in the morning:

Our room was right over the tiki bar and had a view of the pool, so later on during the day, it really felt like we were on some MTV spring break show:

The best part was on Saturday when we caught this great cover band, Dog Voices. They came up on the roof in front of our balcony and played from there:

Because Christina was wearing a veil and a sash that said "Miss Bachelorette," people were super cool and bought us tons of drinks and shots and offered all kinds of advice re: marital life. We thought it'd be a great idea if we took turns wearing the veil all the time.

Later on in the evening, Dog Voices played the indoors restaurant/bar downstairs as well. The lead singer of Dog Voices, Monte, who hammed it up with Christina, thought that wearing the veil was a good idea, too:

I am so exhausted from all that silly partying, but we showed Christina a great time. I am so excited for her and her fiance, Chris!

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