Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Dears @Bowery Ballroom, Sept. 12th

God help me, I fucking love the Dears. This was my 3rd time seeing them at Bowery Ballroom, and it only gets better each time. This time, they played a mix of their latest album, Gang of Losers (and why it's being released in the US two months after the rest of the world is beyond me, cos it's only gonna encourage pilfering from the Net and whatnot), and their last smash album, No Cities Left. I hear the song "22: The Death of All the Romance" and I just wanna break things and trash my apartment, melodrama at its finest. The Dears are all about passion and moodiness. Can't get enough!

The Dears, Bowery Ballroom, 9/12

I would have Murray's babies, I would!

The Dears, Bowery Ballroom, 9/12

The Dears, Bowery Ballroom, 9/12

And the Grates, a nice little band from Australia, opened for them. The lead singer had a little bit of the crazy girl PJ Harvey/Karen O. energy in her, but with a fun vibe -- I didn't feel like she'd eat me alive. I expect we'll hear more about the Grates in the future.

The Grates, Bowery Ballroom, 9/12

Julie1 came with me and dug the Grates, but she wasn't feeling the Dears this time as much as the last time we saw them last year, maybe cos she didn't know the new tunes. Ah well, not everyone's cup o' tea, I suppose!

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