Sunday, October 8, 2006

PJ Harvey @The Supper Club, Oct. 7th

PJ Harvey @The Supper Club, Oct. 7, 2006

Tonight met up with Ste, Lora and Wawa to catch a Conversation with Music with PJ Harvey as part of the annual New Yorker Festival. During the hour or so of conversation, we saw a quiet woman rather different from her usual stage persona. Polly Jean admitted to being shy, admiring Bjork and running into Tricky all the time in the most random places like at the supermarket over cabbages. It all felt very Inside the Actors' Studio-ish, except instead of James Lipton, we had Hilton Als. It was nice to see this subdued side of PJH, but the crowd became more attentive once dear old Hilton left the stage so Polly could knock us out with her music.

For about the next 35 minutes, she took turns on different instruments, leading us through a handful songs, including "Water" and "The Desperate Kingdom of Love". She told us how she recently learned how to play the piano properly and debuted a new song for her next album, which promises to be piano heavy. To close out the short set, she ended with the classic "Rid of Me." Hotttt!!!

PJ Harvey @The Supper Club, Oct. 7, 2006

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- PJ Harvey is definitely a woman I'd go to the other side for. But we all agreed -- she was a lot hotter performing her music than sitting in a chair just talking...

Nice -- I got randomly linked on 10/10 by Product Shop.

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