Saturday, November 18, 2006

Modest Mouse @Bowery Ballroom, Nov. 17th

Tonight, went to the Bowery Ballroom with Wawa to catch Modest Mouse on the 4th night of their five gig stand in New York this week. We saw MM over two years ago at the Hammerstein Ballroom in the midst of their Good News for People Who Love Bad News tour, and maybe it was cos we were stuck in the back of the floor, but they were a little less than compelling. I was soooo excited to see them based on their albums, but I was let down.

I knew this time would be a no-brainer to check them out. (A) they were playing Bowery Ballroom, which makes anyone look better, and (B) news had surfaced that Johnny Marr of Smiths fame had recorded with them for their upcoming release. Then when it became apparent that he would actually be touring with them too, it was like Oh. My. God...


I figured that worse come to worst, if MM sucked, I could close my eyes and at least focus on selectively hearing Johnny Fuckin' Marr. But, to my delight, Isaac Brock & Co. brought it this time.

For about an hour and forty minutes, they went non-stop through an energetic set of favorites and a few new ones. Isaac and Johnny shared guitar duties, often seeming to egg each other on in terms of intensity from either side of the stage. It was heavenly!

Johnny Fuckin' Marr, man!

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Oh, and I think Gawker hit it right on the button when they came up with their Taxonomy of an Indie Rock Show. I was near all those people and I decided, (a) I am getting too old for moshing (at a Modest Mouse concert, no less), and (b) I really hate idiot douchebag people.

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