Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wilco @Warsaw, June 26th

"Curfews are for suckers," Jeff Tweedy said with glee, once he addressed the crowd well into the set. Wilco impressed me last night at Hammerstein, but tonight for my inaugural visit to Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY (and yes, I had some pierogies and kielbasa), they made it extra special, playing a solid two hour and fifteen minute set chock full o' oldies, opening and closing with songs from Being There ("Sunken Treasure" and "Outta Mind (Outta Sight)"). They also played "Why Would You Wanna Live" from the same album, and "Hoodoo Voodoo" from Mermaid Avenue!

For those keeping score at home, they started at 9:22 and stopped at 11:37. They played 12 songs in this set that were not heard on Monday at Hammerstein. Over the two nights, they played all of their latest album, Sky Blue Sky, except for one track (no "What Light"), and almost all of their beloved Yankee Foxtrot Hotel, and a majority of their previous A Ghost is Born.

The crowd for Warsaw seemed to possess more energy and enthusiasm than the audience for Hammerstein, despite being only a fourth in size. Whether you were quick enough to get your ticket through the Wilco presale (as I did), or by waiting for hours in line at the box office, or by paying a scalper loads of money, you were there probably because you really, really wanted to be, and it showed. We were sweating like dogs but nobody cared.

Julie1 and I even got to witness a classic Wawa spazz out moment during "Pot Kettle Black." Holy Christ, this show was good.

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Anonymous said...

this show was INSANE and nels cline is a guitar god. i had totally given up on them after starland and never would've seen this show if it wasn't 5 blocks from my apt. unbelievable that it turned out to be one of the BEST shows i've ever seen... an unholy onslaught of rockness. holy fuck.

i officially LOVE wilco again..........