Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jamie Lidell Remix

(Sorry I've been absolutely dreadful about posting. Something about the winter months that put me in a state of hibernation...I still have to post about my awesome trip to Chicago in February, thanks to Wilco.)

Jamie Lidell, the technie-electro knob-twiddler (hehehe), is not normally my cup of tea, but he posted a competition that a friend entered. My fellow Kung Fu Dork Alex Brouwer aka Mista Brouwah worked on a remix with his buddies, mother liQr and Philly, at Alex's shop Mix B Studios this past week under the moniker, No Shame, and even added beats courtesy of the tapping feet of another Kung Fu brotha, Chris Erk aka themoneyfoot.

Check out Jamie Lidell's bare vocals to "Little Bit of Feel Good" here, and download the most excellent remix the guys worked on here ("A Little Bit of Feelgood (No Shame remix)" mp3).

(Update 5/12) In case you missed the download, the guys threw it up on YouTube too:

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Unknown said...

the remix is up on youtube http://youtube.com/watch?v=9lC3OD3H9ss
take care