Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tribeca/ASCAP Music Lounge @The Canal Room, Apr. 30th

Yesterday, courtesy of The Music Slut, Julie1 and I headed to The Canal Room for an afternoon of free tunes. With the exception of the final performer, Sondre Lerche, whose music I've enjoyed for years now but hadn't seen live, I didn't really know of or care about any of the other performers, but free passes, cushy couches and an open bar made it all worthwhile. Thank you, Jameson's!

A good number of these performers in the Tribeca /ASCAP Music Lounge were selected (I think) due to their previous work providing music for films. Coincidentally, the only other time I had been to The Canal Room, which is a nice, intimate venue, was about 2-1/2 years ago to see Jon Brion, a musician/producer also known for his work in such notable films such as "Magnolia" and "I Heart Huckabees."

The day started off with Jon Foreman of the band Switchfoot, of which I know nothing about. His singing was pleasant enough but not particularly enticing. I was hoping he'd break into some "Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock seeing as how they kinda resemble each other, but no dice.

Next up was Lizz Wright, whose music can be best described as soul/R&B/jazz. Beautiful voice. At times, while she was harmonizing with guitarist Toshi Reagon, the music reminded me of the Indigo Girls, strangely enough.

The third set of the afternoon (which accompanied my third serving of Jameson's and ginger) belonged to Chris Thile, who I hear is a member of the band Nickel Creek. Perhaps I am a cretin for not knowing anything about him/them as well, so be it. He was mildly/wildly amusing, playing a mandolin with wonderful dexterity and telling us funny stories of unrequited love for Natalie Portman and dropping his phone in the toilet at MSG.

Here's his cover of "Heart In A Cage" by The Strokes:

And a charming original: "If You're Gonna Leave Me (Set Me Up With One of Your Friends)."

Finally, the main reason why I attended the showcase (no, it was not for the Jameson's) -- Sondre Lerche. My dear friend Mandi turned me onto him some years ago, and it's easy to admire the breezy, cheery vocals and melodies of this Norwegian.

He really is adorable and I'm happy to have finally seen him live. I think I'll try to catch him when he performs at Joe's Pub soon. Here's the track "Everyone's Rooting For You" off his third album, Duper Sessions:

He also performed "Sleep on Needles."

My photoset here.

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