Friday, September 25, 2009

U2 @Giants Stadium, Sept. 24th

Is there anything more that really needs to be said about powerhouse U2??? Holy shit, they know how to put on a show! Armed with a pair of General Admission tickets thanks to a sacrifice by Wawa, Bestest Boy and I got to Giants Stadium just after 4pm and ended up in the very center of the pit inside the coveted area enclosed by the circular catwalk. Astounding views all around. Sure, it would have been interesting to see the weird spaceship beehive staging from a farther away vantage, but who am I kidding -- nothing beats being up close to these four amazing men who only seem to get better with age. They are requisite viewing for anyone who is a fan of live music. I'm telling ya -- you must see them at least once in your lifetime!

Setlist is here. My complete set of photos is here.

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