Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dylan Fest @Bowery Ballroom, May 27th

Dylan Fest, the best $13 ever spent? An assembly of some very well-known musicians, and some not so well known ones, but all very enthusiastic and talented people (with the possible exception of Adam Green, who couldn't be bothered to learn lyrics or even read off his cheat sheet all that well) playing a 2.5 hour set of purely Bob Dylan songs -- could it get any better than that? Despite the late start, I really enjoyed seeing all the different players, including a few I probably would never ordinarily see. Even Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis of SNL showed up and pitched in on a song -- how's that for random? At the end, the entire gang returned and filled the entire stage, and you could really feel the warmth radiating outward. What a pleasure it was to witness this party.

(More pics after the jump.)

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julie torres said...

i missed this blog! what a great nite. see you there next year! :))