Monday, July 12, 2010

Ozomatli @Prospect Park Bandshell, July 9th

If I had to characterize LA band Ozomatli's sound, it would not be an easy task, for they play music with a sound that varies as much as its performers, ranging from rock to hip hop to Latin to R&B to soul...anyway, you get the idea. With every song came a different lead vocalist from the prior. A few of the band members also proved adept at playing multiple instruments. Also, with such different styles, the band was able to cover much ground in terms of sentiment, be it political or love or just plain fun. What resulted was a great energetic blend that had the crowd stomping, clapping and dancing along with the beat.

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The guys worked with the audience well, getting us to chant and wave our arms along often. They also constantly moved about the stage, sometimes in a funny coordinated fashion, but always with a non-stop energy that ended with them coming down to ground level from the stage and leading the front of the crowd in a small march. I didn't get to march along, but I left the park that evening, happy and buzzing.

I knew little about the band beyond their Aztec-sounding name, but became totally game to see them once I heard they were part of the Celebrate Brooklyn! line up. While they were not one of my primary reasons for signing up for a Friends membership since I had never heard their music, I figured they'd be one of the bands I'd check out as gravy to the shows I definitely wanted to see (Sharon Jones, The Swell Season, Sonic Youth). I sure am glad that I did come by this past Friday night.

We also got to check out opener Fidel Nadal, a reggae artist from Argentina formerly of Todos Tus Muertos who sounded great and seemed genuinely pleased to be performing in Brooklyn. He was a good complement to Ozomatli, priming the crowd for dancing.

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