Friday, August 6, 2010

Metric @Prospect Park Bandshell, Aug. 5th

After the prior night's amazing Arcade Fire concert, I had already somewhat written off this interesting line-up of female fronted bands. I was pretty exhausted, but figured it's the last week of Celebrate Brooklyn!, so I dragged my butt over to Prospect Park, especially since it'd be a good opportunity to see Holly Miranda again, and to check out Joan As Policewoman and Metric for the first time.

I bought a Metric album (Live It Out) when it came out a handful of years ago and dutifully loaded it onto my iPod, but it never really got a hold of me. I was more interested in other Canadian exports at the time (The Dears and Stars, for example), but always appreciated lead singer Emily Haines' contribution to Broken Social Scene. Last night was my first opportunity to see her own proper work.

I can see why the kids love Metric's music. It's danceable and catchy. I would not call it pithy by any means. But Haines' performance makes it worth watching if you feel like moving. She's got an incredible energy level that's enviable, and a fierce stage persona that alternated between sexy hot and crazy scary. By the time the band hit the stage after 9pm, the sky was dark, which allowed the strobe lights and thumping bass line to put a flutter in your step.

Good to see, but aided by the fact that it was a free show. Plus, there was a truck giving out soft serve ice cream.

(More pics after the jump.)


Holly Miranda opened the show. This was my third time in the last year catching the talented and beautiful singer, who more or less played an abbreviated version of the set I caught of hers last time. Out of the three acts, she was my favorite. I prefer seeing her at a smaller venue like the Bowery Ballroom with her headlining, when you knew everyone in the audience was there to see her specifically. I felt like the audience at the Bandshell was still trickling in, and the sun had not set yet, so the lack of intimacy and focus of the crowd affected the experience for me. Musically speaking, though, Holly and her crew sounded great and they were enhanced by guest Kaki King on guitar for a few songs.


The second opener was Joan As Policewoman. She was not really arresting, to say the least. (Ba dum dumm.) She and her musicians are very capable, she has a good voice, she looks like Gina Gershon trying to recreate the '80s...I know, nothing very constructive to say here. Just not my cup of tea, I suppose. I couldn't get into her music.

PS - Spotted JG Thirlwell who we saw at Celebrate Brooklyn! in June come in for Joan As Policewoman.

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