Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LCD Soundsystem @Terminal 5, Mar. 28th

Wow. Um, just wow.

I hadn't seen LCD Soundsystem in about 4 years to the date, figuring how on earth would they ever top my experience seeing them at the intimate Bowery Ballroom, but the lure of their farewell tour sucked me in and boy, am I glad I went (even if it was in the dreaded Terminal 5)!  Wawa had to bail on me due to a business trip, so I ended up getting in line early-ish (4pm?) before the after work crowd, which allowed me to take it all in from front row center on the rail.  Once the show kicked in, though, I wasn't so sure that I had made the right decision in being so close to the action 'cause lemme tell you, I have quite a few bruises on my arms from being an unwilling participant in the mosh pit.  It's a good thing this is the last LCD Soundsystem show I'm seeing because I am getting way too old for this shit. I talked extensively to a freshman from Yale who was exactly half my age, and there was some girl in line who was sprinkling glitter on people around her, and had she gotten some on me, there would have been trouble! 

(More words and plenty of pics after the jump.)

The constant jostling of the moshers and crowd surfers aside (which I suppose did add to the overall energy), I absolutely adored LCD Soundsystem and their 3 hour long show, even if it did cut into my bedtime big time.  James Murphy, loveable slob that he is, proved quite the affable maestro, keeping us moving non-stop and really upping the ante for these much-heralded shows.  There was a male chorus in the upper level.  Guests including Reggie Watts and The Juan Maclean showed up (see below).  The band even managed to play a good chunk of 45:33, which I did not expect.

I jumped in a cab back home and quickly got into bed, hoping to make the most of the 4 hours I had until I had to get up for work, but I had trouble falling immediately asleep, as I could feel my body still twitching to the beat.

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