Sunday, August 26, 2012

Afro Punk Fest @Commodore Barry Park, Aug. 26th

Bestest Boy and I wandered over to near the Brooklyn Navy Yard to Commodore Barry Park, the site of this year's totally free Afro Punk Fest, a two day affair that featured an amazing music line-up on two stages, as well as some amazing skateboarders and bikers, and met up with orange bear @eightrack.  We didn't have too much time there, unfortunately, but managed to catch the wonderfully entertaining Reggie Watts, who dazzled the crowd with his beat-boxing and improvisational stylings despite some technical malfunctions.  I wished we had more than the 40 minutes allotted to his set, but you take what you can get when it's free.  Before Reggie, we also caught a local band called Body Language, who, upon hearing them, I immediately thought they'd be good to spin in the room I help run called Indie While You Work.  And, yeah, I got home and spun some, and the song "Falling Out" went over very well.

(More pics and words after the jump.  Click to enlarge.)

We closed out our afternoon there with watching some of the skateboarders and bikers going up and down the ramps and rails.  I could have easily stayed at the festival for many more hours, but our stomachs were growling, so Bestest Boy and I headed out for some Korean style tacos from Korilla truck and a delicious ginger mango slushie from Kelvin.  Yum.

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