Monday, April 17, 2006

Chris & Rich Robinson @Town Hall, Apr. 15th

Tonight met up with Wawa again for the Robinson Brothers' last of a three night stand in New York for their acoustic tour. I don't have much to say different from my review of their gig the night before. I was sleepier for this one -- drinking pitchers of sangria with my kung fu classmates was probably not the best idea, but the day was gorgeous, so we had to celebrate it somehow...

The Crowes again played a great set of songs, including a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Wreck on the Highway." I think I only heard maybe only 3 or 4 of the same songs from the night before, including their first original hit "She Talks to Angels" which I don't care how trite it is -- it's gorgeous. At one point, a dog ran across the stage!

An interesting moment -- some idiot yelled for them to play "Freebird" by Lynryd Skynyrd. I never understand why that continues to be a funny joke, no matter who we're seeing. Wawa and I caught Ben Folds (at the same venue, coincidentally) and he actually tried playing a few bars with improvised lyrics. But I would think the Crowes' fans would be particularly sensitive to the Crowes often being described as being derivative of big 70s southern rock bands like Skynyrd. Chris Robinson actually voiced his annoyance but in a completely smooth way. He said something to the effect of "If you actually expect to hear that song, you're at the wrong fucking concert!" Amen!

Wawa was in his element tonight. While I was more than happy to be sitting, I was a little sad that I couldn't see Wawa rock out completely, jumping around like the nut he can be. But he did his best while sitting. And after the show, as we passed the sound board, I saw the sound guy looking over the setlist. I said, "hey, can I have that?" and he handed it over to me no problem. Wawa had already headed out, so when I met up with him on the sidewalk, I handed him the setlist. I mean, what am I gonna do with a list of Black Crowes songs that I don't even know? He was psyched -- I think he's gonna frame his two setlists. Hehehehe....

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