Monday, April 24, 2006

Scissor Sisters @Bowery Ballroom, Apr. 23rd

Met up with Julie2, Heather, Dani and a few others for the second night of the Scissor Sisters' run at the Bowery Ballroom. Apparently Cher was there the night before (if anyone cares) so I was slightly curious as to who we might spot tonight...

We headed in to catch a bit of DJ Tiga. He was...a DJ.

We got a little restless and finished our beers, so the girls decided to head back out to grab a smoke. Kinda neat that we did, cos we did get our celeb spotting for the evening. Karl Lagerfeld, in typical getup (although I did not see the fan he likes to carry), with a boy toy posse, hopped out of a party van and went for the side door. Weirdly, tho, tonight the guest door was switched with the normal people's door, so everyone got confused. Karl and Co. tried going to the newly designated "Ticketweb" door, but got bopped to the "Guest" door (which is the regular door). All very confusing, I know. We kinda felt like Karl should be able to enter whatever damn door he wanted to. Unless he did really buy his tickets off of Ticketweb, then I guess there is something to be said about following the rules...

Some guy stood with us in the smoker's section and was all chatty with us while this all went down with Karl. I couldn't tell if he was gay or not -- I do have the worst gaydar. i guess that's what being at a Scissor Sisters' show will do to ya. He claimed to have seen Anderson Cooper at the Bowery as well. Now there's something newsworthy, for once. (EDIT -- Apparently, Kylie Minogue was there too. Glad to hear she's recovered from the breast cancer.)

We headed back in and stood at the front to the right of the stage by the stairwell heading downstairs. It was the first time I had stood there; apparently, Heather, who is shorter, stands there all the time. You miss a lot of what happens on the stage, but you get to see the performers along the front of the stage really well. So we had a perfect view of Ana Matronic and Jake Shears as they whipped through their set. They started off with "Take Your Mama Out," which I love.

Scissor Sisters are a guilty pleasure. They are definitely high on the gayness factor, but not as uber-flaming as Erasure, probably cos of Ana Matronic's charming ways. She went off a few times on New York City's cabaret dancing laws, questioning whether we were living in the movie "Footloose" and demanding that we boogie our butts off. And as far as I could tell, the crowd did dance up a storm. They played some off of their fun debut album and also a bunch of new tracks coming out soon.

It was a nice tight set of about 75 minutes. After they finished, we headed back out onto the sidewalk, only to spot Karl Lagerfeld again. Awesome!

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