Thursday, June 15, 2006

Radiohead @Theatre at MSG, June 14th

(Better photos tonight, baby!)

Tonight, met up with Wawa, my new best friend Rad, and some of his buddies to catch my favorite band again, the wondrous Radiohead. Now, I don't usually bother seeing a band twice in a row (the only recent exception I made to that rule was the Robinson Brothers acoustic tour, but I knew the setlists would be very different). But this is Radiohead. They could play the same 10 songs all the time, and I would still be in love.

We arrived at the Pit slightly earlier than the previous night and caught half of the opener, the Black Keys, who are a drum and guitar band which has been compared to the White Stripes, except bluesier. They were nice and loud. After they were done, I made the executive decision to part from my group and get as close as I could without being too pushy. I stayed on Jonny's side of the stage, but managed to get within 6 or 7 people deep from the stage, and strategically placed myself behind a very petite girl.

I thought the night before was astonishing; tonight they managed to top it even more. Not only did I have better familiarity with the new tunes (which I imagine will sound great in the context of an album), and I was closer to the stage, but they pulled out all the big guns. In the two hours they played, we heard gems such as "Myxomatosis," "A Wolf at the Door," "Just," "The Tourist," "No Surprises," and what many consider their opus, "Paranoid Android."

I feel as though I died and went to heaven...

I cannot wait to see them in 10 days in Berkeley with Amanda, Teddy and Di!

Thanks again to Rad, who Wawa called our guardian angel. May good ticket karma floweth over for him forever.

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