Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Radiohead @Theatre at MSG, June 13th

(Sorry for the shitty pictures. I really need a new camera.)

So, tonight, thanks to my new best friend Rad, Wawa and I were able to go to see Radiohead from the GA Pit for face value. Ticket karma abounds!

I had been dying to see Radiohead properly for....forever. I had only seen them twice before, once on each of the last two tours, each time grabbing a crappy last minute nosebleed seat just to experience any part of my favoritest band. (I love them so much, I even missed kung fu tonight to see them!) When tickets sold out like hotcakes for these two shows at the Theatre at MSG, I was crushed. But justice prevailed and goodness sprang forth in the shape of Rad.

Now, Radiohead could have played just two songs, and I would have been ecstatic. We were treated to a decent hour and forty five minutes or so of amazingness. I'm not going to go into too much detail since it will all be gushing and useless anyway. They mixed up songs from their old albums and debuted a good number of new songs too. Ended with a gorgeous "How to Disappear Completely." It was all awesome. Truly. I'm not lying.

And thanks to the powers of craigslist (which is how we met Rad), and Wawa's extra pair of Pearl Jam tix (I never thought I'd be thankful for that), for which Rad traded a pair for tomorrow night in the Pit, we'll be there to do it all over again, baby!

Yay!!!!! So happy!!!! I'm as giddy as the time I saw Depeche Mode!

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