Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bloc Party @McCarren Pool, July 29th

Saturday night headed to Williamsburg -- what? two weekends in a row? -- to catch the Secret Machines and Bloc Party at McCarren Pool. Pretty cool idea for a venue -- a huge unused pool with crumbling cement and chipped paint that fits about 5,000 of your closest friends in the baking sun. I met up with Eddie and Bharat, and we got reasonably close to the front right of the stage. We arrived just in time for the second act -- the Secret Machines. I had heard their name certainly but never bothered listening. They consisted of a drummer, lead guitarist and keyboardist on lead vocals who sometimes switched to another guitar. They managed to play a very big sound, which was good for this outdoors venue, but at times their songs almost got a little jammy to the point where we were left wondering, was that two separate songs? Kinda atmospheric like Mogwai, kinda Ravonettes, maybe?

After the Secret Machines, the headliner, Bloc Party hit the stage. Now, I know that I'm a little late in the game to be seeing them for the first time just now. I have no idea why. I've half thought about catching them at the Bowery or at other smaller venues, even Webster or Roseland, but I never really felt a tremendous need to. I guess I kinda lumped them into that whole wave of new new wavers (like the Killers, who I'm so not into) that I knew were solid acts, but doing nothing really earth shattering.

Upon seeing them, I have to say I enjoyed them. They put on a great show, and their leader, Kele, is very charismatic. I dunno if they (and the Secret Machines) were $42 good, but they were solid. They certainly had me wondering why I didn't see them at Bowery last year...oh well!

That turned out to be just the start of my evening. After the show, met up with Wawa, Indie Twin Dave and Julie1 for a drink at Capone's (free pizza!) (Julie2 and Gina ditched us), and then headed to the East Village for Whitney's birthday. Hung there for a while and chatted with some very chill people, and then to Belmont to catch Fa spinning for the Trini crew who was in town for the weekend. Danced till about 4am to some nice reggae jams till my weary legs were about to snap. Amituofo!

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