Saturday, July 1, 2006

Joe Purdy @The Cutting Room, June 29th

Gonna make this a quickie, cos I am forever lacking in sleep....

Thursday night, after kung fu, headed uptown to meet up with Shana, Eddie & Co. at The Cutting Room, a nice little bar with small stage and tables set up cabaret style. Shana urged us to check out one of her favs, Joe Purdy, a singer-songwriter dude.

Before Joe hit the stage with his band, his opener was a solo singer-songwriter dude named Chris Pierce, who had a great voice and stage presence. He mentioned something about having a song featured on the soundtrack to "Crash" which was also used in Banana Republic commercials.

After Chris' set, Joe Purdy came on with a full band. The Cutting Room was a great spot to hear some music, especially if you lucked out like me and was able to grab a seat for the show (oh my weary kung fu legs).

Since I have yet to make up the night of sleep I missed during my redeye flight back from Cali, I was kinda sleepy during the entire night. So I will sum up Joe by saying he sounded like a less constipated Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. If you enjoy Sam Roberts or Ryan Adams, you might wanna check him out.

I unfortunately was due to turn into a pumpkin at midnight, so I left before the end of Joe's set. Hopefully I can check him out again before he becomes the next big thing. Shana believes strongly that Joe is about to hit it big, and I think he might have a chance...his music was featured in "Gray's Anatomy" after all! :)

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