Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Ryan Adams @Town Hall, Dec. 4th

Gonna keep this short, cos I really ought to be in bed!

Tonight, with Wawa and Bharat, caught Ryan Adams & the Cardinals for the first of three nights at Town Hall. And yes, I'm going to all three nights. Even missing Kung Fu on Tuesday for him. Why? Cos he stated in his blog that he'd be playing three completely unique setlists. That means no repeats. Ridic.


Ryan was his usual wacky self in between songs. My favorite gem of the evening: "You can take away the booze, but you can't take away the crazy." He made beautiful music for two hours tonight, oftentimes sounding like Ryan Adams covering Ryan Adams. He closed out the evening with a full-on electrified version of "I See Monsters" that Wawa compared to Oasis' "Champagne Supernova." Hmmm...maybe that cover of "Wonderwall" from his EP, Love Is Hell, Pt. 1, was no accident.

Ryan Neal

Here's a clip of him playing a yet to be released cut titled "Blue Hotel":

The setlist:

Magnolia Mountain
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Dear Chicago
Peaceful Valley
Tears of Gold
Cold Roses
New York, New York
Arkham Asylum
-break while Ryan talks-
Kiss Before I Go
Let it Ride (false start)
Let it Ride
Bartering Lines
To Be Young...
Blue Hotel
Beautiful Sorta
The End
Wharf Rat
Expressway to Yr Skull
Shakedown on 9th Street
I See Monsters

It was not his most challenging setlist -- I think I've seen him perform the Dead's "Wharf Rat" a few too many times now -- but if he stays true to his promise of no repeats, then who knows what else he'll pull out of his ass...

You can check out my YouTube for other videos I shot.

Okay...now to sleep, so I can get psyched up for Night 2!

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