Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Ryan Adams @Town Hall, Dec. 5th

Went again with Bharat to see Ryan Adams & the Cardinals for night two of his three night stand. Tonight I managed to catch the opener, the Little Willies, featuring none other than Norah Jones. They were lovely. Not earthshaking, but lovely. Played for about 1/2 an hour -- a short set of originals and covers. Here's one called "It's Not You, It's Me":

Ryan & Co. came on at about 9:10, a little bit later, and played just short of 11pm. He was this time decked out in a Black Sabbath t-shirt and similar platform boots, just not so shiny and sparkly this time. I'm beginning to think he has some kind of height complex.


He was again talkative, but the direction the music took tonight varied from last night's set. They focused on longer jammier songs, thereby playing fewer songs tonight. Again, he played alternate arrangements of familiar songs, which is why we see live music, right?

So check this out, here's a copy of the setlist given to me by the soundboard dude:


And here's the actual setlist played by the guys:

What Sin Replaces Love?
Nobody Girl
Harder Now That It's Over
Meadowlake Street
Freeway to the Canyon (Neal Casal's song)
Trouble on Wheels

-set break-

Easy Plateau
Goodnight Rose
Cherry Lane
Dear John (w/ Nora Jones)
Stella Blue

So, you can see there was the potential for awesomeness (oh, what could have been!), but perhaps that will be during Night 3?!?!?

Here's the duet "Dear John" from the 2005 album Jacksonville City Nights that he recorded with Norah Jones. Good thing she was there tonight to sing it with him!

Here's an old favorite, "Firecracker":

Overall, I've felt satisfied with the setlists for the last two nights. He hasn't knocked me outta my socks yet, but it's been good. I'm hoping Night 3 really tears it up!!!

Here's a link to all my YouTube videos for tonight.

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