Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rosie Thomas @Southpaw, April 11th

Having broken up recently with the Mad Scientist, I was not sure I was in the mood for the mopey musical stylings of Rosie Thomas, but Rebecca convinced me to join her and the girls at Southpaw last night, so I figured what the hell. I had heard of Rosie's name before, but didn't really recall how, so it was not until Music Slut Matt reminded me that she was a F.O.S. -- friend of Sufjan -- did my interest in the music actually gel.

After some pleasant, but somewhat interminable solo acoustic sets by some dude named Lulu(?) Luba Dvorak, and Rosie's bandmate Denison Witmer, and a cute (but c'mon already it's a school night!) standup bit by Rosie's alter-ego, Sheila Saputo, Rosie Thomas finally hit the stage around 11pm, joined by Denison, some other dude, and the Soof.


This also marked my first visit evah to Southpaw (I know! Can you believe it?), and yeah, it's an oddly arranged venue. I guess because the music last night was of the soothing lying in bed on Sunday morning while it's drizzling out and listening to breathy AM radio in the '70s genre, most people were sitting on the floor, and above in the raised areas, with some others, including me, standing by the bar.

SSRT2.jpg SS4.jpg

While the music itself was melancholy, Rosie & Co. were hysterically cute in between songs. You know how certain musicians have really thick accents, but then when they sing, you would never guess what country they were from? It was kinda like that with Rosie -- when she wasn't singing, she had a little girl voice and told funny nonsensical stories about her friends -- kinda like a elementary school girl with a wild imagination, and then she'd do a 180 and start singing and dip into all this sad beautiful emotion for her songs. Utterly goofy and charming, especially when Sufjan lost his shit during "Paper Doll."


Here's a video of a beautiful song off of Rosie's latest effort, These Friends Of Mine, titled "Much Farther to Go":

And yeah, Soof is dreamy, space shuttle hat notwithstanding...*sigh!*


He wore the same tie as during the last time I saw him at the Revenge of the Book Eaters Benefit last year. They finished around 12:15am with a nicely slowed down cover of "The One I Love" by R.E.M.


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