Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Arcade Fire @United Palace, May 7th

Over two years ago at Webster Hall, I received my first communion with Arcade Fire. Since that night, I have trod a path filled with many nights of good and not so good music. Tonight, my faith in exemplary live music was restored. Tonight, at Reverend Ike's United Palace, we got the gospel according to Win Butler, Regine Chassagne & Co. as they played to a crowd that made little use of their assigned seats. People streamed down the aisles hoping to catch a better glimpse of the mighty little Canadian ensemble that could bring one to tears. Many were willing to sell their souls for an opportunity to hear the electrifying Arcade Fire, and the band did not disappoint.

For about ninety minutes, we bore witness to music that made us rise to our feet and stomp and clap in unison. We sang along and made the air buzz with a joy that is rarely felt at concerts. We loved the new songs from Neon Bible but devoured the stuff from Funeral. When Win jumped into the crowd for "Rebellion (Lies)" as seen below, if he had walked straight down the center aisle and out the doors of the theatre, he could have easily had a few thousand people following him through the streets of Washington Heights.

So friggin' awesome! I am inspired to search for tickets to Wednesday's show at Radio City now.

PS -- Spotted Martha Plimpton of Goonies fame sitting about 5 rows behind me. Thrilling!


Anonymous said...

what time did you get there? what time did the national go on? how long did it take on the A?? my niece is beside herself, walking into walls from excitment. yay!

Qbertplaya said...

the national went on at 8pm sharp. i think they played about 45 minutes. arcade fire went on at 9:19 and went until about 10:45.

on the A train, from 42nd street, it took about 20 minutes around 7:15 to get up to 175th street. you get out and walk east one block and you can see the theater.

after the show, you'll wanna book it to the train. i think the A runs local after a certain time like maybe 11, and if you're lucky, maybe you'll still catch the express. i dunno if that means missing the encore, if you're concerned about getting your niece home not too late.

have fun with V tonight!

Anonymous said...

holy shit, you're the best. thanks, el!!!

shaolinchad is niederwelt said...

martha plimpton, eh? she used to date river phonenix! damn, he was hot! hi to julie!
sounds like a great show!

Qbertplaya said...

such a loser...grabbed a row KK ticket just now....guess i'm not going to the bravery now!