Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn

A pal of mine from kung fu, Billy Nemec, is the lead singer of a fun little band called The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn. They're often found on sunny days playing around the City in places like Central Park or on West Broadway in Soho, where I caught them this past weekend. They gig frequently at various fine dining establishments. Billy often also plays on the subway platform in Williamsburg.

They're a sweet little band that plays old school jazz ditties -- think Django Reinhardt or the Triplets of Belleville. You can hear samples of their music on their MySpace page, which I've linked above.

Anyway, as picked up by Gothamist earlier this week, The Blue Vipers are one of a few contestants on Channel 5's The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Subway Idol is a competition not unlike American Idol wherein each week the contestants survive based on total votes for that week's performance, and the contestant with the lowest vote total is dismissed. There are currently three groups left, and you can see their performances including that of The Blue Vipers here.

If you like what you've heard, vote for The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn by sending an email every week until May 23rd, when the winner will be announced, to (with BlueVipers in the subject line). Thanks!

Update 5/23: Yay! The Blue Vipers won!


sucheela said...

blue vipers! go! go! yay!

Anonymous said...

The final heat for Subway Idol is on! Vote for the Vipers & they'll get to record a new CD!

Qbertplaya said...

thanks for the tip, p.e.r.!

i sent an email out to many of our kung fu friends so maybe that'll help push the vipers thru.

and a new cd is the prize? that i did not know! awesome!