Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Of Montreal @McCarren Park, June 15th

After winning some free tix from My Free Concert, Bestest Boy and I headed to Williamsburg to check out a groovy foursome of bands playing together as part of the Northside Festival.  We got there in time to catch some of Beach Fossils, who seemed green but had good energy.  Then came The Thermals, who played a typically solid and tight set.  Third was the Swedish troubadour, Jens Lekman, whose band had visa problems, so he did a mostly solo acoustic set comprised of older songs.  He was charming and a good storyteller, though I find his music a bit lackadaisical at times for my taste.  Headlining the whole shebang was Of Montreal, who I found a hot, crazy, fun mess.  Thank god for free tickets.

PS -- Met the amazing Alex K. from turntable.fm.  So psyched!

(More pics after the jump.)

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