Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Radiohead @Prudential Center, June 1st

What more is to be said about Radiohead?  I knew I would love the show even before I saw it.

For this show, I made sure to get to the venue on the early side (around 2:30pm) to beat the majority of people coming from the City.  Sure, getting to Newark was more of a pain than going to MSG, but all in all, it wasn't bad.  I managed to get home in about an hour after the show let out.  The sound was superior.  I think I shall have to consider future shows at the Prudential Center.

(More pics and words after the jump.)

Back to the music.  Radiohead was fantastic.  They had a really cool backdrop of LED lights as well as a dozen or so panels suspended above the stage that would move and rotate and have projections of various band members.  I was pretty much dead center a few people from the stage, so a good view of Thom Yorke and his erratic dancing.

Musically speaking, The King of Limbs, while a tight album, hasn't appealed to my emotions the way prior Radiohead albums have, so I enjoyed the performances, but the songs did not move me in the way I was moved for prior Radiohead gigs, even though I was so close.  But whatever, a Radiohead show is still pretty friggin' awesome overall.

Also caught Caribou as the opener. They played for only half an hour but warmed up the crowd nicely.  Reminded me a lot of when I caught Liquid Liquid open for LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5.

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