Thursday, January 25, 2007

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @Mercury Lounge, Jan. 25th


Clap Your Hands and Say ZZZzzzzzzz...'playa, face're getting old.

Last night met up with Julie for the last minute "secret" CYHSY show at the Mercury Lounge. I spotted it on Ticketweb randomly about 13 hours before the show, and figured it was only $12.50 after fees, and now that CYHSY were filling venues like Hammerstein on New Year's Eve, she and I decided what the hell. Worse come to worst, buy the tickets, get home, and stay in bed.

I had met up with Wheatie earlier in the evening for a pretty yum dinner at Craftbar (Warm Pecorino Fondue with Acacia Honey, Hazelnuts and Pepperoncini!) and then retreated back to Brooklyn for a few hours. Even snuck in a 1/2 hour nap before heading out, tho I so could have stayed in bed...but insanity called.

Got to Mercury in time to see the Cold War Kids crowd pile out and try to sneak their way back in for the late, late show, but the doorman wasn't having it. We finally were let in at roughly 12:40ish and bemoaned the fact that we were getting too old for this shit. Happily tho, J and I were able to grab coveted spots on the couches on the side. After finishing the soundcheck and prior to hitting the stage for real, the band lingered right next to me by the couches. I totally could have elbowed the lead singer Alec Ounsworth in the head if I wanted to, but I decided any roughhousing would lead to further delay, and it was already late enough! (Well, maybe a slight nudge towards the stage would have been appropriate.)


CYHSY finally started at about 1:35 am and played for about an hour. They played a setlist that drew about half of the songs from their eponymous debut, and the other half from their eagerly anticipated sophomore release, Some Loud Thunder.

It was great seeing them at Mercury, having seen them previously first from far, far away at South Street Seaport, and then last spring at one of their Bowery shows. The crowd was more enthusiastic about the songs from the first album, but that is to be expected. The new songs sounded some of the same, and some very different. In particular, I thought the track "Satan Said Dance" was a nice departure from the peppier stuff. Dark, and very bass-line oriented.

The show ended just after 2:30. I bolted for the street and hopped in a cab and was in my door by 2:45. Ahhh, sleep...

Here's a clip of them singing "In This Home On Ice" from the first album:

Here's "Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood" and more photos on my Flickr.

Fuck, I'm tired...

(Added 1/26 -- Nice! I got linked on Gothamist.)


sucheela said...

oh my - what time did you get home and finish writing this?

sounds fun though

Ke Bove said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun. The urge to elbow Ounsworth at probably would have gotten the better of me at some point. You know, just for fun. I definitely have to agree with you on Satan Said Dance. It's a different song for CYHSY. But that might be what makes it so good, huh