Monday, January 29, 2007

Why it's sometimes worthwhile putting away the iPod while on the subway...

Two women in their 20s, 4 train approaching Grand Central, ~9:30am, Monday morning:

Girl 1: I really like that show "Men in Trees." It's pretty funny.
Girl 2: Oh, I don't like that actress Anne Heche.
Girl 1: I don't know who that is.
Girl 2: She's the one who plays Marin. She's been in movies.
Girl 1: I've never seen her before.
Girl 2: Oh, you know...she was in that movie with Harrison Ford. Seven something? She's probably best known for dating Ellen.
Girl 1: Who?
Girl 2: You know...Ellen. She's got short hair. Blonde. Comedienne. Hosts all those awards shows.
Girl 1: No idea.
Girl 2: She's probably like the most famous lesbian in the world.
(A few seconds pass by.)
Girl 1: Was she the blonde in that movie with the tornadoes?
Girl 2: Oh no. That's Helen Hunt.
Girl 1: Wow. You really know so much.