Friday, January 19, 2007

Joan Jett & Dr. John @Tao, Jan. 18th

Last night my boss threw his annual big client party at the gorgeous restaurant Tao, which features a stunning 16 foot tall Buddha at the rear. Amituofo!

Leading up to these client parties, I usually kinda dread them because as employees, our main function there is not to have fun, but to schmooze with clients. But it always ends up being a decent time. This year was no exception; in fact, it was actually kinda awesome because of the live entertainment my boss hired for the party.

The opener was Dr. John, the legendary New Orleans pianist. He played last year for us as well. I enjoy his music and his throaty growl.

Secretly, though, I think it's the fact that Dr. Teeth of the Muppet Show was based on him that makes Dr. John appealing to someone of my generation.

After Dr. John played his set for about an hour, rock 'n roll icon Joan Jett took the stage and immediately got the crowd roaring with "Bad Reputation." When I heard a few weeks ago that Joan Jett(!) would be playing our party, I giggled at the thought of such a punk rock warrior playing to a room of suits. I wondered if she'd be indifferent, play her shit, collect her check and leave, or if she'd blow us away with her energy. Well, she brought it!

She played to a packed restaurant and the crowd ate it all up. She seemed to be having a good time too. I guess that's what makes a good performer.

This was my first time seeing the amazing Joan Jett, and she was HOTTT! Definitely on my list of chicks who rock! And I can't believe she's friggin' 48! If I have even half of her chi at that age I'll be psyched.

Here's a clip of her singing her seminal hit, "I Love Rock 'N Roll": Removed at request of artist's management.

Here are the rest of my photos on Flickr. I also YouTubed "I Hate Myself for Loving You" and her last song, a cover of "Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone. Rockin'!

Work is draggin' today, but it was pretty frickin' fun last night!

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