Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pavement @Central Park Summerstage, Sept. 21st

(My apologies for throwing these up nearly five months later.  It's a bummer when life gets in the way of blogging.)

I was never a rabid fan of Pavement, so when these reunion shows were announced like a year in advance, I poo-pooed them, especially since they were to take place in Central Park at Summerstage, which in my experience usually gives rise to bad sound and sightlines as well as extreme weather.  But then before the week of Pavement came, I succumbed to the buzz, pulled out my CDs and gave their tunes a whirl again, and became determined to see them (but not at scalper prices).  Lucky for me and Julie, I managed to grab a pair off of Craigslist way below face value at $20 a pop, and with my wacky work schedule, got in line early and after a few hours of doing crossword puzzles, found myself front on the rail, center, excited for what would be a good night of music.

(More words, pics and videos after the jump.)

Pavement's fans seemed to be a good bunch, too.  While I was in line I found myself between two generations who were eager to get in.  When a dude came around hoping to sniff out someone selling a ticket, this older fan behind me gave him an extra for free.  It was this laid back attitude that characterizes the slacker charm of Stephen Malkmus and Pavement.  We were packed in like sardines by the stage, but we all seemed content to be bopping our heads in unison along to the music.  I had a broad grin across my face for the entire evening, and though I got to work six hours later, exhausted, that smile remained on my face as I trudged through my shift.  So pleased to have been there.

Also, for a while, right in front of me in the pit, was Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth.  I wanted to whisper in his ear sweet nothings but that would have been creepy, no?

Here are two videos I shot -- my favorite "Cut Your Hair" and the manic "Conduit For Sale":

Thee Oh Sees opened.  The problem with posting five months later is that details escape my mind.  I remember thinking that they had a lot of punch and were a solid opener, but not an act I'd seek out specifically.  Oh well.  Cheers.

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